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Two new flavors join the extensive menu of the Pure Protein Bar

marshmallow crispy treat pure protein bar

For the month of October, fans of the mainstream protein company Pure Protein, are being treated to new flavors of the brand’s high protein, low sugar bar. If you’re at all familiar with Pure Protein and its line of products, you’ll know its protein bar already has quite a few flavors to choose from with creative tastes like Maple Caramel and Lemon Cake.

There are two fresh new flavors for the Pure Protein Bar with a combination of creative and traditional tastes. The more traditional option for the on-the-go protein product is a classic Cookies and Cream. The other one is a bit more unique with Marshmallow Crispy Treat, both of which come with 20g of protein per bar, only 5g of sugar, and 200 calories.

The Cookies and Cream Pure Protein Bar is available now through the online retail giant Amazon, with Marshmallow Crispy Treat also listed on there, but is not due to be in stock until October 17th.

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