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Muscle Addiction’s long-awaited stimulant pre-workout arrives at DPS Nutrition

muscle addiction pump addict

After a bit of a delay, the relatively new supplement company Muscle Addiction, who originally specialized in muscle building and weight loss products, has launched its long-awaited Pump Addict. The supplement is the brand’s first real mainstream type product, with a stimulant powered pre-workout, formulated for intense energy, increased focus, and enhanced pumps.

We shared the full combination of ingredients and dosages behind Muscle Addiction’s Pump Addict earlier in the year, with the product’s release originally slated to follow soon after. With everything that happened in the world, much like many other brands, Muscle Addiction decided to put off the launch of its pre-workout, but now the wait is over, and you can purchase Pump Addict online.

muscle addiction pump addict

Muscle Addiction is selling its first-ever pre-workout through its website, with retail partners DPS Nutrition and Strong Supplement Shop also stocking the product. The retailer route is the better way to go, especially with DPS, who is currently running a sale where you can get a full-size bottle for $28.99 using the code ‘DPS10’ compared to the brand’s direct price of $39.99.