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Muscle Core preview reveals light highlights for its new pre-workout Pre-Core

muscle core pre core caffeine and caffeine free

Muscle Core Nutrition has extended its Pre-Core family of supplements, which previously only consisted of NO Pre-Core, a fairly comprehensive pre-workout with ingredients for a variety of benefits. The UAE brand has now introduced the simply named and simply formulated ‘Pre-Core’, available in two versions, one with caffeine and the other without.

For now, Muscle Core Nutrition has not revealed the complete combination of ingredients behind Pre-Core, and while it has shared its highlights, they’re not all that exciting. Both versions of Pre-Core, caffeinated and caffeine-free, come with 1.5g of beta-alanine per serving for performance and an incredibly small amount of citrulline at 50mg.

The caffeine is included at 150mg per serving, with more ingredients said to be in there, but as mentioned, the highlights don’t have us overly excited to see the others. By the sounds of things, fans of Muscle Core Nutrition can expect to see Pre-Core in stores soon, but if you’re after an all-around pre-workout, the brand’s original NO Pre-Core looks like it’ll remain the better option.