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Nuclear Pre 2.0 Review: Smooth, well-rounded and powerful

Peak Performance Labs decided to revamp its stimulant pre-workout Nuclear Pre for 2020, which was the third overall product it released, hitting the market near the end of last year. The updated version essentially takes all of the ingredients and dosages that made the original so great, and combined them with a few new features and increases, for a more powerful performance.

Looking at its formula, Peak Performance Labs’ Nuclear Pre can definitely be considered a loaded pre-workout, featuring 22g of active ingredients, squeezed into a 25g serving size. It comes with highlights such as 8g of pure citrulline in its maximum serving — which is what our review is based on — 2g of GlycerSize glycerol, 3.2g of beta-alanine, 350mg of caffeine, and 200mg of eria jarensis.

nuclear pre review


When it comes to pre-workouts, while some can look great on paper, with a promising blend of ingredients like Nuclear Pre, they don’t always come together in a workout in the gym. Peak Performance Labs’ recently reformulated Nuclear Pre is not one of those, as we can confirm after running the supplement for a good few weeks, it performs as well as its formula looks.

Nuclear Pre is what we class as a powerhouse pre-workout, delivering a powerful combination of energy, focus, and performance. It also helps enhance muscle pumps, but not at an over-the-top amount. You’ll notice a mildly more dense pump when using Nuclear Pre, but it’s never intense enough to take away from the other star highlights of the pre-workout.

nuclear pre review

As mentioned, it is the energy, focus, and performance that shine through in Peak Performance Labs Nuclear Pre, where you get the energy and focus to stay driven and fueled from start to finish. The energy is quite smooth, as we didn’t experience a heavy kick or anything, just a gradual build to the point where you have plenty to power through, but not a level we’d call intense.

The performance and endurance aspect of Nuclear Pre is on par if not a little stronger than the energy and focus. It ensures you perform at your best on every exercise, regardless of the intensity and complexity. We also noticeably felt naturally stronger and less exhausted between sets, essentially leading to more effort every time you head back to the bar or machine for another set.

nuclear pre review


While we never got to try Peak Performance Labs’ original Nuclear Pre, we’re extremely impressed with the follow-up. The supplement’s smooth blend of energy, focus, performance, and moderate pumps, is the kind of balance we prefer. Basically, if you’re looking for a pre-workout to get you going, focused, and perform, even on your most tired days, you’ll want to give this one a try.