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First look surfaces of another new flavor of Bang with a mix of red and pink

pink and red bang energy drink

Only weeks after the reveal and release of its unique Key Lime Pie flavor of the popular Bang energy drink, a teaser of another addition to VPX Sports’ popular beverage has surfaced. In a video posted to social media, the brand shows off all of the flavors it introduced so far this year with Radical Skadattle, the military exclusives Strawberry Blast and Purple Kiddles, and Key Lime Pie.

Tucked between those four flavors is a yet-to-be-released option featuring a dark red, maroon color around its neck and curve at the bottom, a vibrant pink covering most of the can, and white text. None of the pictures of the product we’ve seen show the flavor’s actual name; instead, VPX Sports has gone its usual route and put the word ‘guess’ where the name usually sits.

This year, VPX Sports has been even more creative and surprising than years past when it comes to its new flavors of Bang energy drink, so we’re excited to see what this one turns out to be.

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