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Long-awaited Siphon confirmed as a pump product to replace Primitive

rising labs siphon

Readers may remember, way back in April of this year, That 1 Leg Monster’s brand Rising Labs, previewed an all-new and still upcoming supplement named ‘Siphon’. We suspected the product to be a glucose disposal agent, and now the question has officially been answered, although there is a bit more to it than just confirmation of its category.

Rising Labs Siphon is going to be a pump enhancing supplement in capsule form, as opposed to the more common flavored powder. Where the extra details come in is, fans of the brand will know, Rising Labs already has a pump pre-workout on the market in Primitive. Siphon is, in fact, replacing Primitive, which is being discontinued due to clumping issues.

Like with Primitive, Siphon can be used with Rising Labs’ stimulant-pre-workout Overkill for extra muscle pumps or by itself as a stimulant-free alternative. We have yet to see the formula behind Siphon, although the brand is promising ‘huge pumps’ from the product, which will have plenty of room per serving, with what looks to be six capsules in each.

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