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Rising Labs previews its upcoming Siphon, which looks to be its GDA

rising labs unveils siphon

That 1 Leg Monster’s brand Rising Labs is quite strong when it comes to building awareness on new supplements it has coming soon with teasers and previews. This week the team is continuing that great communication with the first look at the entirely new product ‘Siphon’, which the brand is letting fans take guesses on, as to what kind of product it is.

The only details we have for Rising Labs upcoming supplement is that it’s name is ‘Siphon’, and it is a capsule supplement with 180 capsules per bottle, providing 30 servings. With those few details, we’re going to take a stab at the product’s category and say it’s a glucose disposal agent, primarily due to it having a hefty six capsule serving size.

Very few supplements have a serving that large, and with a name like Siphon, and Rising Labs not currently competing in the category; glucose disposal agent does make sense. More details on the product will be along soon, and it is also going to be the brand’s third entirely new supplement for the year following the protein Mongrel and loaded pre-workout Abomination.

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