Rocka fills its three advent calendars with exclusive and limited products

Oct 13th, 2020
rocka nutrition advent calendars

Following fellow German brand Foodspring from last week, Christmas has come early for Rocka Nutrition with the launch of its advent calendar, and just like Foodspring, it has three versions. Each of the brand’s calendars has its own theme, with the traditional 24 products trapped behind cardboard doors for fans to open from December 1st to the 24th.

24 Days Of Smacktastic

Rocka Nutrition’s family of advent calendars includes ’24 Days Of Smacktastic’, a calendar with only products and flavors from the Smacktastic line. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rocka’s Smacktastic family, it is a collection of flavor powders, jams, and do-it-yourself ice cream, all of which come in some creative and tasty flavors.

Vegan and Rocka Wonderland

The next Rocka Nutrition advent calendar is ‘Vegan Wonderland’, featuring, of course, plant-based, vegan-friendly products including powder supplements and on-the-go, ready-to-eat items. The final one is ‘Rocka Wonderland’, featuring a variety of Rocka products that isn’t tied down to the one theme like the Smacktastic and vegan calendars.

rocka nutrition advent calendars

One final and important detail about Rocka Nutrition’s advent calendars is the treats tucked behind the doors are mostly going to be products and flavors fans haven’t tried before. The German brand has said the majority of the items are Christmas Editions and early samples of upcoming snacks and supplements, with the Rocka Wonderland calendar for example, having 13 new products and eight exclusive Christmas editions.

Where to buy

You can grab any or all three Rocka Nutrition advent calendars through its website with Vegan Wonderland and Rocka Wonderland at €49.99 (58.97 USD) each and 24 Days Of Smacktastic €29.99 (35.38 USD). If you pre-order any of the limited edition calendars through, they will ship for free and, of course, arrive in time for Christmas.