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Entirely new Skum Nisse arrives alongside the return of NOCCO’s Skum Tomte

skum nisse nocco

Last year, the no carbohydrates company NOCCO, dropped two special edition flavors for Christmas and brought back its Winter Edition flavor from earlier in the year with Blueberry. A few days ago, we posted about the return of one of those limited energy drink flavors for Christmas in Skum Tomte, a marshmallow recipe, which as it turns out, is not the only product NOCCO has for the holidays.

The company’s other Christmassy effort is not Rudolf’s Christmas Apple, like last year, but an entirely new flavor called Skum Nisse. The brand’s second product promises a similar kind of experience with a sweet strawberry flavor. Skum Tomte is represented by a stylized Santa on its can, whereas Skum Nisse has a younger Santa character promoted as the challenger to the long-running Skum Tomte.

Both of NOCCO’s special edition Christmas energy drinks feature its usual energy drink formula, consisting of a variety of vitamins, BCAAs for recovery, a reliable 180mg of caffeine for energy, and zero sugar. The Swedish beverage brand is rolling out the product to stores and stockists across the country starting this week.

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