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Competitively priced PeakO2 capsules join the SNS Baseline Series

sns peako2

When it comes to simple, standalone supplements, Serious Nutrition Solutions, better known as SNS, has always stuck to the more uncommon ingredients that you very rarely see in a product by itself. The brand does have typical supplements like creatine powder, ZMA, and beta-alanine, as well as things like huperzine, Vaso6, ashwagandha, and yohimbine.

SNS has added to its Baseline Series this week, which is the name of its simple, essential style line of products, with the performance and endurance supporting mushroom blend PeakO2 in capsule form. The supplement comes with a full 2g dose of PeakO2 in each of its three-capsule servings, and you get quite a few servings in a full-size bottle with 60.

Directly through the SNS website, the new Baseline Series PeakO2 capsules will cost you $36.99, making it the most cost-effective standalone PeakO2 product we’ve come across.

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