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High protein waffles revealed as Dough Bar’s next prototype product

the dough bar protein waffles

The Prototype Program is where the functional food brand The Dough Bar introduces unique and exciting products, sells them in small batches, makes tweaks based on feedback, then gives them full public releases. The brand has a few staple foods that were originally brought up through that program, including Protein Monkey Bread and Protein Pastry Rolls.

In the coming weeks, The Dough Bar is introducing yet another unique, healthy, high protein product through its Prototype Program with Protein Packed Waffles. The undoubtedly tasty food is going to provide a very reasonable 13g of protein per waffle, although we don’t know what any of its other macros are, which of course, are just as important as the protein.

Once again, The Dough Bar is looking to introduce its delicious looking Protein Packed Waffles sometime soon in four different flavors, one of which is a colorful Funfetti.

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