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Rainbow colored Unicorn Blood flavor launched for Koala Freak 2.0

unicorn blood koala freak 2

Calum Von Moger’s brand Staunch has introduced a unique new flavor for its stimulant pre-workout Koala Freak, which was reformulated about a year ago with a number of lower dosages. The supplement already had many options on its menu with six, including Peach Mango, Aussie Apple, Mystery Flavor, Tropical Mojito, Blue Baz Berry, and Strawberry Pina Koala.

Starting this week, Staunch’s Kola Freak sequel, appropriately named Koala Freak 2.0, comes in a colorful flavor named Unicorn Blood, and instead of having a green label like the others, it has a rainbow gradient. The product is not limited edition or anything like that, at least from what we can see, and is in stock now on the brand’s website at $49 for a tub of 30 full servings.