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Primeval’s Untamed Labs previews an RTD version of its Ape Sh*t pre-workout

untamed labs ape shit untamed rtd

Ape Sh*t Untamed is a pre-workout under Untamed Labs, who comes from the same team behind Primeval Labs. You can actually purchase any of Untamed’s supplements through Primeval’s website, making it easier to order for fans of both brands. If you do enjoy Ape Sh*t Untamed but wanted a slightly more convenient version, Untamed has just previewed precisely that.

Primeval Labs and Untamed Labs have shared an image of an Ape Sh*t Untamed RTD. It appears to bring all of the original powder’s benefits into an on-the-go beverage, including ingredients such as citrulline, beta-alanine, and agmatine. We don’t know if it’s carrying over every ingredient from the powder, but it promises the same well-rounded blend of energy, focus, and pumps.

There haven’t been any details mentioned outside of the preview of the Ape Sh*t RTD, only the picture you can see above that we’ve gathered some information from. Primeval Labs and Untamed Labs could be sharing the image to see how well it’s received, although either way, it means the brand is at least looking into the idea and may even already have it in the works.