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Alternatively branded Lemon Lime flavor also on the way for Total War

redcon1 lemon lime total war

It was only yesterday we posted about Redcon1’s upcoming flavor for its original stimulant pre-workout Total War in Strawberry Lemonade. In that post, we mentioned the flavor isn’t as entirely new as it seems. It was about two years ago the brand did the same kind of flavor for Total War in Strawberry Lemonade Slushy but as an exclusive to the retailer Anybody Supplements.

Today we have news of yet another new addition to Redcon1’s Total War menu, and unlike Strawberry Lemonade, this one is completely new and not something we’ve seen from the brand before. Also, on the way from Redcon1 for its popular pre-workout is a Lemon Lime flavor, which will feature an alternative label design too, separate from Total War’s usual look.

We’re not sure when the Strawberry Lemonade and Lemon Lime Total Wars are due to arrive, but with Black Friday fast-approaching, we wouldn’t be surprised if Redcon1 ropes them in with then. The brand is known to go heavy and hard for the annual sales weekend, not just putting together strong discounts and offers, but exclusive Black Friday flavors and products.

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