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Coffee Mocha Milkshake comes to AstroFlav’s whey isolate protein powder

astroflav coffee mocha milkshake iso mix

The colorful, creative, and eye-catching brand AstroFlav is welcoming a new flavor to one of its two protein powders this week, in the premium whey isolate-based IsoMix. The supplement, which is known for its tasty and flavorful options, already has plenty of tastes to choose from, including the likes of Chocolate Peanut Butter Puff, Cinna Crunch, and Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Taking AstroFlav’s IsoMix menu to a total of six flavors for November is a coffee-themed creation in Coffee Mocha Milkshake made with espresso spray-dried coffee. The product packs IsoMix’s usual lean nutrition profile with 25g of protein all coming from fast-absorbing whey isolate, 4g of carbohydrates with less than a gram of that sugar and 2g fiber, 1.5g of fat, and 130 calories.

AstroFlav has already added its Coffee Mocha Milkshake IsoMix to its own online store where a tub of 30 servings will cost you $49.95, and free shipping available on orders over $50.

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