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Big Flex’s whey powered Prime protein powder gets its first fruity flavor

big flex banana vanilla prime whey protein

Prime Whey Protein is the flagship protein powder from the Indian supplement company Big Flex, providing 24g of protein per serving from a blend of whey concentrate and isolate. Interestingly, the brand doesn’t have all that many flavors to choose from for its whey-powered Prime protein, with just two on its menu until this month in Chocolate and Coffee.

Big Flex has just increased increased its Prime Whey Protein lineup by 50% with flavor number three, and it should be quite welcome for fans that wanted something a little more fruity. Joining those other two tastes is a Banana Vanilla Prime protein powder, which is already out and available in India, and can be found in both of the product’s sizes, 1kg and 2kg tubs.

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