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CNP puts tastes above all else in its upcoming and promising protein bar

cnp flavor first protein bar

In a little less than two weeks, the biggest sales event of the year is taking place with, of course, Black Friday. Many supplement companies will be running their best deals and discounts of the year, and dropping exclusive, limited-edition, and all-new products. The UK brand CNP is one of those few planning to introduce something entirely new for Black Friday, which we have a sneak peek at today.

Fans of the long-running CNP are in for a delicious new protein bar come Black Friday, and while we have yet to try it, we’re saying it’s delicious as the brand has put more focus on the flavor of the product than anything else. The upcoming CNP Protein Bar is so flavor-first, the brand has lowered the amount of protein you get per bar from 20g to 14, to make it easier for the taste to stand out and shine through.

In our experience, the lower the protein gets, the higher the chance the product tastes good, and at 14g, the CNP Protein Bar sounds promising. The only other macro we can confirm for the snack so far is its calorie-count of 194, so it’s not as lean as some of the others out there, but as mentioned, the brand plans to make up for that in the taste of its two options, Jam Roly Poly and Chocolate Brownie.

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