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Condemned Labz shares a preview of its special edition Black Friday product

condemned labz blackout convict

As we move into November, Black Friday is only a few weeks away, and with that on the horizon, brands are starting to share some of the products they’ve put together for the big day. We already got a sneak peek at what Core Nutritionals has up its sleeve with a special edition flavor of Core Fury featuring a blacked-out label, and now we have details on what Condemned Labz has lined up.

The hardcore supplement company has unveiled a limited-edition flavor of its stimulant pre-workout Convict, put together specifically for Black Friday. The flavor is appropriately called Blackout, and to let fans know what they’re in for, the brand has provided a description. The Blackout Convict will be a black cherry flavor, and like Core’s Black Friday product, it’ll feature a blacked-out label.

Once again, Condemned Labz is planning to drop its limited-time Blackout flavor of Convict right on Black Friday, which this year is Friday the 27th of November.