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Fitness Deal News appears to have teamed up with someone for a pre-workout

fitness deal news collaboration pre-workout

The deal hunter and supplement review powerhouse Fitness Deal News has passed on a teaser of something extremely intriguing. The image doesn’t reveal all that much, so we can only speculate, although the small pieces you can see give us some ideas. The teaser includes a shadowed-out supplement tub featuring the man behind FDN, TJ Gonen, on the tub, alongside the FDN logo.

The key details in the FDN image are the callouts ‘increase performance’, ‘enhance focus’, ‘incinerate fat’, and the category ‘pre-workout’. It essentially confirms there is a pre-workout on the way that’s been put together in partnership with FDN. The mystery, of course is, are we in for a supplement created by FDN, or is this some sort of collaboration with a known brand and product.

Our guess is the latter; as you can see in the teaser, there is a title side to the supplement which has been kept out of view. We’d also imagine if it were a product from FDN itself, TJ and his logo would be more front and center, beside the title. We definitely suspect the mystery pre-workout to be a collaboration, although the big question is, what brand has FDN partnered with.