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Second plant-based protein dropping on Black Friday from Flow Supplements

flow supps pure plant protein

The still relatively new brand Flow Supplements, from celebrity Zachery Levi, has joined the list of companies that has put together something new for Black Friday. The brand has actually come up with a whole bunch of products, including a new flavor for an already available supplement and three flavors for its entirely new creation named Pure Plant Protein.

We don’t all that much about Flow Supplements’ upcoming Pure Plant Protein, only that it is the brand’s second protein powder separate from its first entry into the category, Protein Plus, but like that original, it is plant-based. Currently, we can only speculate what makes Pure Plant Protein different from Flow’s other protein, with our guess being that it’s a simpler formula in that it doesn’t have any added aminos like Protein Plus.

We are just guessing for now, but we will find out everything about Flow Supplements’ Pure Plant Protein this Friday when it becomes available. As mentioned, the product is due to launch in three flavors, one of which we can confirm in Oatmeal Cookie, with no hints or suspicions on what the brand’s new flavor for its other protein powder, Protein Plus, is going to be.