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GAAM drops the BCAAs and rebrands its BCAA Drink as GAAM Energy

gaam rebrands its flagship energy drink

To kick off the month of November Proteinbolaget’s brand GAAM Nutrition released a special Christmas edition flavor of its BCAA energy drink with the traditional Swedish soda Julmust. You might have noticed that not only did the product have a colorful, Christmassy can design, but a very different layout and display of information compared to the beverage’s regular flavors.

It turns out, the look of GAAM Nutrition’s Julmust functional drink is not exclusively for that product but a rebrand for its entire lineup of flavors. All of the beverage’s options now feature the same kind of design, with the colors varying from flavor to flavor. The Swedish brand has also changed its name to reflect a change in formula, from ‘GAAM BCAA Drink’ to ‘GAAM Energy’.

GAAM Nutrition has actually dropped BCAAs from its flagship beverage, hence why ‘BCAA’ is no longer in its name, although it still features a variety of vitamins, zero sugar, and 180mg of caffeine for energy. You can purchase the rebranded beverage from Proteinbolaget with four flavors available in Pink Lemonade, Tropical Pineapple, Pear, and the limited-edition Julmust.