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Fans of Got7 get a tasty no added sugar alternative to a milk chocolate block

got7 nutrition almond hazelnut milk chocolate

Today we have news of another tasty product from the team at Got7 Nutrition, who we posted about yesterday regarding its fun new protein snack, Protein Spread ‘N Stick. This time around, the launch from the European brand is not a high-protein functional treat, more of a healthier, cleaner alternative to a block of rich and delicious milk chocolate.

Got7 Nutrition’s latest effort is Milk Almond and Milk Hazelnut, which are blocks of tasty milk chocolate filled with crunchy almonds or hazelnuts, hence their names. They are also made with no added sugar and the sweetener maltitol, giving them much lighter nutrition profiles compared to regular, high-sugar milk chocolate.

The macros on Got7 Nutrition’s undoubtedly tasty block of lower sugar and calorie chocolate is about the same for Milk Almond and Milk Hazelnut, with an entire 75g block having 380 calories. The numbers making up that calorie count are 5.5 to 6g of protein, 28 to 28.5g of fat, 38.5g of carbohydrates, with only 4.5g of those carbs being sugar.

Got7 Nutrition’s Milk Almond and Milk Hazelnut blocks of chocolate would definitely work as a healthier alternative to regular chocolate, and knowing the brand their taste is likely on point. Both of the products are available now in the brand’s home country of Germany and across Europe through its distribution partner Prometeus.