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Cocoa Cinnamon and Salted Caramel make it five flavors for Got7’s dessert sauce

got7 nutrition more premium sauce flavors

Around this time last year for Black Friday, the German functional food brand Got7 Nutrition dropped a bunch of exciting new products alongside a strong sale. A good chunk of those products was actually a spin-off series of its delicious, low-calorie Premium Sauce, with a family of sweet, dessert-style options including Cocoa Dream, Strawberry, and Caramel.

Got7 Nutrition is back doing the same sort of thing one year later, expanding its Premium Sauce sub-series with another two dessert-style flavors. The delicious additions to the original selection of Cocoa Dream, Strawberry, and Caramel include a second caramel effort in Salted Caramel, and a second chocolate creation with Cocoa Cinnamon.

Got7 Nutrition’s Salted Caramel and Cocoa Cinnamon Premium Sauces that have just 11 calories in a 15ml serving are beginning to show up in stores, including the brand’s website. Over at you can grab any of Premium Sauce’s dessert options at €3.92 (4.65 USD), or if you want to save a bit of money, there is a 12 pack at €3.67 (4.36 USD) each.