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Up and coming Huge Nutrition takes on protein powder with Huge Whey

huge nutrition huge whey

When we introduced the still relatively new Huge Nutrition back in September, we mentioned it already covered many popular categories, including fat loss, pre-workout, and muscle building. The growing brand has added to its extensive since that initial post, welcoming the stimulant-free fat burner Exterminate and the glucose disposal agent Utilize.

While Huge Nutrition does reach many different areas of the market, there was one major one it didn’t have a product for, although that has all changed this week. Fans of the brand that wanted to get their protein powder from Huge can now do precisely that, as it has launched its first-ever protein supplement with the whey-based formula Huge Whey.

Huge Nutrition’s Huge Whey packs 23g of protein per serving, from a blend of whey concentrate and isolate, with 2.5g of carbohydrates, 2g of fat, no sugar, and a total of 120 calories. A full-size 30 serving tub of Huge Whey will cost you $39.95 directly through the brand’s website, with only the one flavor available to start in a traditional Cookies and Cream.