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Brazil’s Integralmedica releases a family of three separate pre-workouts

integralmedica red chaos series

Integralmedica is a popular Brazilian supplement company, who has just come out with a new line of products called Red Chaos. There are three items in the series with Red Chaos Energy, Red Chaos Burn, and Red Chaos Testo. All of the supplements are pre-workouts, but each has a feature that separates it from the others, which is alluded to in their names.

The leader of the pack or flagship product from Integralmedica’s Red Chaos family is Red Chaos Energy, the more well-rounded pre-workout. Being from Brazil, the supplements don’t feature overly complex formulas due to the intense regulations, with Red Chaos Energy coming with 200mg of caffeine, a gram of taurine, and Palatinose branded isomaltulose.

Red Chaos Burn is Integralmedica’s next entry in the series, designed to increase energy and thermogenesis with the same 150mg of caffeine plus green tea, bitter orange, chromium, and ginger. Lastly, you have Red Chaos Testo, the testosterone booster of the line, combining that consistent 150mg of caffeine with ZMA and 750mg of aspartic acid.

Each of Integralmedica’s Red Chaos Series products have a variety of flavors to choose from, with four for Red Chaos Testo, three for Red Chaos Burn, and five for the flagship, Red Chaos Energy. They’re all now available for purchase in Brazil and cost exactly the same as each at R89.90 (15.87 USD) for a full-size tub, when buying directly from the brand.