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‘Merica previews its upcoming muscle builder and its alternative look

merica labz full metal jacket preview

Full Metal Jacket is an upcoming muscle building product from the always entertaining, patriotic supplement company ‘Merica Labz. It was announced back around the middle of September and is going to feature just two ingredients. Only one of those was confirmed in that initial announcement with Mediator branded phosphatidic acid.

While we still don’t know what that other ingredient in Full Metal Jacket is, ‘Merica Labz has now come through and provided more detail on another prominent feature of the product. The look of Full Metal Jacket was said to be different from anything else in the brand’s growing lineup, and today, ‘Merica has shown just how different its label design is.

You can see the upcoming supplement in the image above, where the brand has dropped its traditional red, white, and blue color scheme for a less colorful, bullet-holed background and an alternative take on a skull and bones drawing. It is indeed different from anything else you’ll see on shelves from ‘Merica Labz, even its recently released A-Bomb.

‘Merica Labz is looking to drop Full Metal Jacket in the coming weeks, and knowing the brand, when it does eventually arrive, it’ll be available with some sort of introductory deal or discount.