Nutrend turns Fat Direct Shot into a carbonated drink with all of the same ingredients

Nov 20th, 2020
nutrend fat direct drink

Fat Direct Shot from the Czech brand Nutrend is a compact, on-the-go shot featuring a variety of pre-workout and weight loss ingredients. It is sugar-free and packed with a gram of beta-alanine for performance, 1.5g of arginine, 100mg of caffeine, 2g of carnitine, and a light 200mg of choline. Nutrend has now put together an energy drink version, appropriately named the Fat Direct Drink.

The brand’s latest product is a 250ml, carbonated spin-off of the original Fat Direct Shot, featuring all of the same ingredients at the same dosages, including the 2g of carnitine and gram of beta-alanine. It is still sugar-free and promises an enjoyable taste in its one Blackberry flavor option, and with it coming in a 250ml can, it gives you a lot more time to enjoy the beverage than the original shot.

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