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Nuclear Pre finally gets a second flavor with a candy-themed Fuzzy Peach

peak performance fuzzy peach nuclear pre

Peak Performance Labs’ recently reformulated and reloaded stimulant pre-workout Nuclear Pre, referred to as Nuclear Pre 2.0, hit the market earlier this year. The powerful and well-rounded supplement was introduced in only one flavor with Tasty Lollipop, which isn’t too bad, although the balanced performance of the product is more than worth it.

This month Peak Performance Labs is finally giving fans of its flagship supplement another taste to choose from with the candy-themed creation Fuzzy Peach, inspired by classic sour peach gummy candy. The product is in stock now in the brand’s official online store, where it is reasonably well priced at $62.99 (48.39 USD) for a tub of 20 full servings or 40 halves.