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PEScience expands its basic Tru Series with a standalone I3C supplement

pescience trui3c

PEScience has snuck out a few new supplement releases this year, most recently the clean and straightforward carbohydrate formula VersaCARB, powered by the pea sourced Carb10. Today we have details on another new product from the team at PES, which is equally as simple as VersaCARB with a standalone indole-3-carbinol capsule supplement.

The product is titled after the shorthand name of indole-3-carbinol in TruI3C, with its one and only ingredients included at a solid 200mg in each of its 60 capsules. Indole-3-carbinol is a DIM precursor that turns into DIM after it’s digested and is commonly used in supplements to support hormone health, a category that’s been on the rise as of late.

PEScience’s TruI3C is available now through its website, where its Black Friday sale is still running and is well worth getting in on. The brand is offering 30% off everything in its online store using the coupon code ‘INSIDER’, which takes TruI3C down from its regular price of $19.99 to an even better $14.