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Primeval doubles its releases for Black Friday with a new EAA Sleep flavor

primeval labs chery lemonade eaa sleep

If you caught our story from earlier in the week for Primeval Labs, you’d know that tomorrow, the brand is launching its Cookies N’ Cream flavor of Isolit in its smaller, 2lb tub size. While that will be a great release for those interested in trying the flavor without investing in a 5lb jug, it turns out the brand has one more new product planned for Black Friday.

Alongside its smaller 2lb Cookies N’ Cream Isolit, Primeval Labs is introducing an entirely new flavor, although not for its protein powder Isolit, but its nighttime recovery supplement EAA Sleep. The product already comes in three options with Sour Rounds, Strawberry Mango, and Tropical Lemonade, which tomorrow, will have a fourth join them in Cherry Lemonade.

As mentioned with our 2lb Cookies N’ Cream Isolit post, Primeval Labs is going to be running a strong sale for Black Friday, like almost every other supplement company out there, so don’t expect to pay its regular EAA Sleep price of $34.99 for the new Cherry Lemonade.