Dedicated digestion and gut health supplement up next from Priority Nutrition

priority nutrition deep

Priority Nutrition is still a relatively new supplement company, coming to market early last year, although we haven’t actually heard anything from the brand since December of 2019. It was at the end of last year the brand introduced its fourth overall product with the rather unique hybrid formula Neuro Test that combines testosterone boosting with nootropics.

While Priority Nutrition has been quiet for the first ten months of 2020, that changes this week, as it has come out and started teasing another entirely new addition to its growing family of supplements. We don’t have too many details for the product just yet, but enough to let you know what you’re in for and prepare you for its arrival around the end of the month.

The name of Priority Nutrition’s upcoming supplement is made up of two words, one of which is ‘Deep’, and it is for a category the brand currently isn’t in; in fact, most brands aren’t in it, with a dedicated gut health product. Priority aims to provide complete digestion and overall gut health with its next supplement, and like the brand’s other four products, it will continue its tradition of featuring only seven main ingredients.

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