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Recently released ProSupps Plant Perform now outside of its exclusive retailer

prosupps plant perform

About one and a half months ago, at the beginning of October, ProSupps released two new protein powders exclusively at the Vitamin Shoppe with Plant Perform and Whey Isolate. Of course, the former is a plant-based supplement providing 25g of protein per serving from pea, rice, and fava bean protein, while the latter is a more traditional, whey isolate powered product.

While both of those ProSupps supplements were introduced as exclusives to the Vitamin Shoppe, that is now no longer the case, at least for the vegan-friendly one of the two, Plant Perform. That product is beginning to show up in retailers outside of the Vitamin Shoppe, including the likes of Campus Protein and A1 Supplements, each with a different price on Plant Perform.

Of those two mentioned, A1 Supplements is the slightly cheaper place to go at the moment, where ProSupps’ plant-based protein powder sits a few dollars below the Vitamin Shoppe at $39.99 for a full-size 2lb tub. The newer stockists of the product also have Plant Perform in both of its traditional flavor options with Rich Chocolate and Vanilla Creme.