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RYSE promises a flavor-first revamp for its high-protein Loaded Bar

ryse revamping its loaded bar

This week we sat down for another interview edition of our podcast — available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and iTunes — with our guest this time around being the President of RYSE, Brian, better known as Ike. He covers a lot of different supplements, releases, and projects, including some interesting news regarding the brand’s real food protein bar, introduced earlier this year in the Loaded Bar.

While it did sell through every unit of its first-ever protein snack, RYSE has decided it is going to give the Loaded Bar a complete revamp for relaunch sometime next year. The fast-growing lifestyle brand is known for its top-tasting products and flavor experiences, especially with its original protein powder, Loaded Protein, which is also the most popular, top-selling supplement in the RYSE lineup.

The new version of the Loaded Bar could potentially see a switch in approach, going a route separate from a real food base, but either way, the follow-up promises to deliver a much better flavor experience. RYSE didn’t feel the first Loaded Bar was at the standard of its powder supplements and plans to change that with the flavor-first revamp, meaning we could be in for something quite interesting.

As mentioned, RYSE is currently working on the new and improved Loaded Bar, with no word on when it’ll be on the market, only that it’s coming soon. On-the-go products have been a big focus for the brand this year with the Loaded Bar and Blackout Series Pre-Workout RTD, with that direction looking like it’ll continue as the brand moves into 2021.