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Switch shows its creativity once again in its nootropic-enhanced Coffee Switch

switch nutrition coffee switch

Switch Nutrition has always been quite a creative company, getting into categories very few have touched and taking on new types of supplements before many others make their way to them. The Australian brand is now getting ready to release another somewhat different type of product, one you won’t see all that often from supplement companies with Coffee Switch.

The latest from Switch Nutrition is a functional coffee that takes high-quality, Colombian, single-origin arabica coffee and combines it with functional ingredients for energy, focus, cognition, brain health, and more. Coffee Switch is essentially a focus-enhanced coffee powder, featuring a handful of ingredients you typically find in dedicated focus products.

switch nutrition coffee switch

Switch Nutrition puts each serving of Coffee Switch into a compact sachet packed with 1.5g of goMCT branded MCTs, 150mg of the up and coming focus stimulant enXtra, 100mg of NeuroFactor, theobromine, huperzine a, and HydroCurc turmeric. There is also a blend of organic mushrooms, similar to PeakO2, with a combined 2g of lion’s mane, chaga, cordyceps, reishi, king trumpet, shitake, and turkey tail.

Coffee Switch is due to hit the market in Switch Nutrition’s local Australian market soon in boxes of 27, single-serving sachets. Being the brand that it is, the product is launching in a variety of flavors with Espresso, Naked Espresso, and Cafe Mocha. They each have different amounts of caffeine from its Colombian coffee, starting at 85mg in Cafe Mocha, 115mg in Espresso, and 135mg in Naked Espresso.