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Protein mini pies dropping tomorrow under Dough Bar’s Prototype Program

the dough bar protein mini pies

Tomorrow at precisely 8AM Pacific Time or 11AM Eastern, the original protein doughnut brand, the Dough Bar, is coming out with another creative product under its Prototype Program. As mentioned in many previous posts, the Prototype Program is where the brand introduces all-new products in small runs to test the market and get feedback before giving it a permanent place in the line.

The Dough Bar’s latest creation is Protein Packed Mini Pies, which are miniature pies with a flavorful filling, providing a moderate 8g of protein per pie. The product features a flaky, buttery crust, with the tasty filling inside the pie being where most of the flavor comes from. The brand is launching the product in three options with Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Peanut Butter Oreo with actual Oreo bits.

Once again, the Dough Bar is looking to release its Protein Packed Mini Pies tomorrow morning directly through its website. Like all of the brand’s Prototype Program products, there will only be a limited amount of the pies, and fans tend to snatch them up quite quickly, so you’ll want to get in early.

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