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Xplosive Ape set to debut its test booster Test Armour in December

xplosive ape test armour

Xplosive Ape has been one of the supplement companies that’s managed to consistently expand and grow throughout 2020, introducing several new products. The brand kicked the year off with the fat burner Shredder; then we got the plant-based protein No Whey, details on a CBD series, the cost-effective Simply Protein, Immunity Armour, and most recently, the Don’t Talk To Me pre-workout.

Within the next month, Xplosive Ape is looking to expand its family of supplements once again with Test Armour. It is going to be the brand’s entry into the testosterone boosting market, featuring a formula to enhance mood, improve libido, and naturally boost testosterone.

xplosive ape test armour

The ingredients Xplosive Ape is packing into Test Armour can be seen in the fully transparent facts panel below. The brand has brought together a variety of common testosterone boosting ingredients, including tribulus, fenugreek, and mucuna pruriens, none of which are dosed overly high. Xplosive also has a few organ support and general health features to help it double as a post-cycle therapy product.

As mentioned, Xplosive Ape Test Armour is due to be available within the next month. The UK-based brand hopes to have it on the market sometime in December, so you can expect to get your hands on it in the next four weeks. We’re not sure what the supplement’s price will be, but our guess is around the same as its fat burner, which directly from Xplosive Ape is £29.99 for a 30 serving bottle.