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XXL takes a more balanced and real food approach with its latest on-the-go snack

xxl nutrition complete food bar

The Complete Food Bar is the newest functional product from the European retailer and brand XXL Nutrition, which already has plenty of snacks and bars in its lineup. The brand’s latest effort separates itself from the other edible items it has available by being made with only real food ingredients and taking a more meal replacement approach instead of just high in protein.

XXL Nutrition’s Complete Food Bar has a balanced mix of macros where you get 12g of protein per bar, 15.95g of carbohydrates with 12.4g of that sugar, 8.45g of fat, and a relatively low 201 calories. As mentioned, the brand has made the snack with only real food ingredients, including dates, pea isolate for protein, peanut paste, cashews, oat flakes, dark chocolate, and banana powder.

The inclusion of dark chocolate and banana powder in the Complete Food Bar makes sense as they make up the only flavor the product is currently available in, with Banana Chocolate. XXL Nutrition has the balanced meal replacement bar in stock on its website, where it’s reasonably priced at €1.95 (2.32 USD) each, or you can save some money and get a box of 12 at €1.83 (2.17 USD) a bar.

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