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Immu4+ introduced as 4+ Nutrition’s more premium immune health supplement

4+ nutrition immu4+

Italian brand 4+ Nutrition has dropped several products this year, and like many others out there, a lot of those have been geared towards supporting, protecting, and improving immune health. This month that continues, with 4+ Nutrition introducing another immune support supplement with Immu4+, featuring a more complete set of ingredients compared to ImmuFlor+ and ImmuC+.

4+ Nutrition created Immu4+ as an all-around immunity product, packed full of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, premium ingredients, and more. The brand has taken the Animal Pak approach, as one serving is a variety of pills with one capsule and three tablets. Each of those pills carries a different group of ingredients to support immune health, hence the name, referencing the four sets of ingredients.

The capsule in 4+ Nutrition’s Immu4+ comes with a series of adaptogens, such as schisandra and astragalus root. The tablets include one packed full of half a gram of vitamin c, and another featuring premium Immuno-LP20. The third one has a wider array of ingredients with more vitamins, minerals, lactoferrin, mushroom extracts, beta-glucans, and high-quality ƎkinaKos branded echinacea.

Immu4+ from 4+ Nutrition is available now in its home country of Italy, although all of those premium ingredients and comprehensiveness do come at a premium price. The supplement will cost you €40 (49.01 USD), and that isn’t for the usual 30 servings, but a box of 14, so it’ll only last you two weeks.