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Alpha Sports kicks off its female line with a well put together protein powder

alpha female nutrition beauty shake

Alpha Sports Nutrition from South Africa has released an all-new series or sub-brand with Alpha Female Nutrition, a line of supplements marketed towards women. At the moment, it isn’t exactly a line, as Alpha Female Nutrition has started with just the one product called ‘Beauty Shake’, which is unique but something we have seen from a handful of other brands.

Beauty Shake is essentially a protein powder, although what makes it different is it doesn’t completely rely on traditional whey to provide its protein. Each serving of the first-ever Alpha Female Nutrition supplement provides 16.2g of protein from a combination of whey concentrate, hydrolyzed collagen, and milk protein, with the inclusion of collagen being what makes it stand out.

Inspired was one of the first big brands we saw bring together whey and collagen, and like Inspired, Alpha Female Nutrition does say exactly how much actual collagen is in each serving with 5g. We can, of course, confirm the other macros alongside the 16.2g of protein with 10.7g of carbohydrates, 2.9g of sugar, a gram of fat, and a calorie count of 117.7.

To give the product a little extra, Alpha Female Nutrition has also added 25 different vitamins and minerals to Beauty Shake as well as enzymes to improve and support digestion. You can purchase the supplement directly from Alpha Sports Nutrition through its website, where it’s competitively priced at R280 (19.15 USD) for a tub of 20 servings in the one French Vanilla flavor.