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DigeZyme and AstraGin enhanced Superhuman Protein has arrived

alpha lion superhuman protein

Alpha Lion’s highly anticipated return to the protein powder category has arrived, with its original GOATein being replaced by the Superhuman series supplement, Superhuman Protein. The brand’s latest entry into the consistently competitive and crowded protein market is a lot like its first, combining premium whey isolate with a handful of premium extras.

Alpha Lion’s Superhuman Protein provides 25g of protein per serving, all coming from a transparently dosed 28g of cross-flow micro-filtrated Provon whey protein isolate. The other macros alongside that 25g of protein, includes 5g of carbohydrates with 3g of that sugar, just a gram of fat, and 130 calories.

The nutrition profile mentioned varies across Superhuman Protein’s four flavors: Orange Gainsicle, Hulk Mint, PB & Gains, and the cereal-themed Anabolic Pebbles. It is mostly the carbohydrates that change, going as high as 8g per serving, although that does make sense as some flavors feature inclusions such as peanut butter candy pieces in PB & Gains.

alpha lion superhuman protein

As mentioned, like GOATein, Alpha Lion has thrown some extra ingredients into Superhuman Protein to make it a little bit different from your typical whey isolate-powered protein. The brand’s latest doesn’t have as many extras as GOATein, with the DigeZyme enzyme blend added to improve digestion and a full 50mg of AstraGin for better absorption.

Alpha Lion’s Superhuman Protein is available from its website for slightly less than a tub of GOATein at $44.95, and you get 28 servings instead of 25. There is also a way to save a bit of money, where if you grab the brand’s variety bundle with a full-size tub of each of the four flavors, you’ll save 20%, which works out to $35.99 instead of the usual $44.95.