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Basic series on the way from Arms Race, including dextrose, EAAs and citrulline

arms race nutrition essential series

Arms Race Nutrition from Doug Miller and Julian Smith has confirmed it is coming out with an essential-style, basic line of supplements, similar to the Commodities Series from Doug’s other brand, Core Nutritionals. Like the many other basic product lines out there, Arms Race Nutrition’s is going to consist of simple, single-ingredient supplements.

The brand has not named everything in the upcoming collection, but it has shared a few of the key products, including typical essential items like unflavored creatine, glutamine, and dextrose. Arms Race Nutrition is also going to have unflavored citrulline for better pumps and performance and a straightforward amino formula with a full-spectrum of EAAs.

Arms Race Nutrition has not mentioned exactly when this intriguing and simple selection of supplements is going to be available. With the brand so certain on some of the products, however, we don’t imagine it being too far away.