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Danish brand Bodylab also releases Protein Marzipan Bites for Christmas

bodylab christmas protein marzipan bites

Like many other functional and supplement companies, Danish brand Bodylab has dropped some special edition products for Christmas, outside of the high-protein Vaniljekranse we shared a couple of weeks ago. The latest Christmas items from the brand are two flavors of Protein Marzipan Bites, which is a bag of bite-sized, Belgian chocolate coated, high-protein marzipan.

The macros on an individual bite are not too bad, but an entire bag is 150g, and those small bites definitely add up. If you put away the whole pouch of Bodylab’s Protein Marzipan Bites, you’re looking at a solid 24g of protein. As solid as that is, the protein comes alongside 51g of carbohydrates with 3.6g of that sugar, an equal 51g of fat, for a hefty calorie count of 691.

As mentioned, Bodylab has two flavors to choose from for its Protein Marzipan Bites, both of which sound absolutely delicious with Salted Peanuts and Caramel, and Hazelnuts and Nougat. The price on a bag from the brand’s online store is not too bad, at 39DKK or 34.5DKK each (5.68 USD) for two, and you’ll want to move quickly, as they are limited edition.

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