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Zero-sugar dessert topping from Bombbar gets three new fruity flavor

bombbar lingonberry topping

To kick off 2020, our Functional Brand Of The Year winner, Bombbar, introduced its sweet and tasty dessert Topping. Keeping with the brand’s healthy, guilt-free theme the topping had zero sugar and fat, and extremely low calories. The product debuted in three delicious flavors, all fruit-themed with Sweet Strawberries, Banana and Mango, and Summer Raspberries.

This month Bombbar has released its zero fat and sugar dessert topping in three fresh new flavors, that are indeed all different but still keep with that fruity theme. The functional product’s additional options are Orange and Cranberry, Pomegranate, and Forest Lingonberries. Compared to the original three, the second lot is based on much less common fruits.

Bombbar already has its Orange and Cranberry, Pomegranate, and Forest Lingonberries Topping in stock on its website, although they are slightly more expensive than when the product initially arrived at 150₽ (2.04 USD) for a 240g pouch.

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