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Refreshing and creative Bombbar wins Functional Brand Of The Year

bombbar protein ice cream

Our Functional Brand Of The Year Award winner is the impressive and ever-expanding functional company from Russia, Bombbar. While there were a lot of strong contenders this year, such as Skinny Food, Barebells, and Outright, no one delivered creativity, consistency, and intrigue better than Bombbar, who is mostly known in its home country but deserves the attention of the world.

To say Bombbar exploded in 2020 describes only half of what the brand did. We had the creative functional company in the headlines over 30 times this year, meaning it had something worth sharing more than once every fortnight. Several of those stories involved a variety of flavors and, on many occasions, more than just one product, so it was an incredibly jam-packed 12 months.

bombbar beef pot

A few of Bombbar’s highlights include Chika Sport, its delicious, nut-filled block of chocolate that has zero sugar, protein ice cream also with zero sugar, and the creamy center protein pancakes. The brand’s Essentials Series was another big launch, now featuring 20 basic supplements, and don’t forget Bombbar’s lean meat snack, with jars of meat in a low-calorie sauce introduced and expanded in 2020 into chicken, turkey, and beef varieties.

It was the genuine uniqueness and refreshing creativity of Bombbar that really helped it take home our Functional Brand Of The Year Award. There is no other brand out there with the range of Bombbar, and even when it does something similar or trend-like, it follows it up with something you wouldn’t expect, whether it be the protein ice cream, meat snack, dessert topping, or a plant-based treat.

bombbar protein pancake

Bombbar has become an extremely fun brand to follow that seems to be on a roll and drops products just as frequently and consistently spaced out as some of the more prominent supplement companies. We have our fingers crossed Bombbar continues to grow and deliver as it has throughout 2020, and that leads to availability in more stockists around the globe.