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Bombbar launches a turkey breast spin-off of its protein-packed snack

bombbar turkey breast snack

Earlier this year, Chikalab from the popular Russian brand Bombbar’s, came out with one of the most real food snacks you can get with pots of lean chicken breast to enjoy on-the-go. The product hit the market in two flavors to start with a plain variant called ‘Classic’ and the slightly more flavorful ‘Curry’, which were later joined by a third option in ‘Smoked Paprika’.

Bombbar is back this week with not another flavor of its pot of chicken breast, but a different version. The consistently creative company has come out with pots of equally lean and protein-packed turkey breast. You get between 47 to 49g of protein in each jar, 4g or less fat, zero to 2g of carbohydrates, and an extremely lean calorie count ranging from 212 to 237.

Like with Bombbar’s original chicken breast snack, the new turkey breast is available in a variety of flavors. There is a plain option, which is the one with no carbohydrates and the highest amount of protein at 49g, and the two actual flavors, Italian and Asian-Style.

Bombbar’s turkey breast spin-off of its real food snack is now available for purchase from its website. It does cost a little more than the pot of chicken breast at 195 ₽ (2.59 USD) as opposed to 165 ₽ (2.19 USD), although that is still quite reasonable. That price is for a single 250g jar, with one bulk option available at 1179 ₽, however that works out to the same cost per pot.

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