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Introducing Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry’s O15 Nutrition and its Big-O bar

o15 nutrition big o protein bar

Reigning Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry has teamed up with Marc Lobliner and Tiger Fitness for the launch of his very own supplement company, introducing O15 Nutrition (O-One Five Nutrition). The brand gets its name from Brandon Curry being only the 15th Mr. Olympia in history after taking home the prestigious title in September of last year.

O15 Nutrition is starting with two products, the first of which is a delicious high-protein snack called Big-O. It is a whole food protein bar with a nut butter base, similar to Marc Lobliner’s delicious Outright Protein Bar, although Big-O has a lot more protein. O15 Nutrition’s bar packs a solid 24g of protein thanks to its added whey hydrolysate.

o15 nutrition exalt pre-workout

The upcoming Big-O protein bar is hitting the market in two flavors, both of which are delicious and different with Birthday Cake Peanut Butter and Fruity Cereal Peanut Butter. The O15 Nutrition snack is going to be available from Tiger Fitness in just a few days on Friday, with Brandon Curry’s second product arriving closer to this year’s Olympia.

That other item from O15 Nutrition will be a stimulant-powered pre-workout titled Exalt. It promises to deliver a comprehensive, fully dosed formula, although the brand has not shared any details about its ingredients and dosages just yet. Much like the delicious-looking Big-O protein bar, Exalt is going to be available first at Tiger Fitness.