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Candy Cane Brownie Built Bar is back and not exclusively as a freebie

candy cane brownie built bar

For Black Friday this year, not only did the functional company Built Brands have a strong discount available, but it had freebies thrown in the mix as well as some limited edition products. One of those products was a Christmas-themed Candy Cane Brownie flavor of its flagship protein bar, Built Bar, which you could only get free with each item you purchased.

If you missed that Black Friday opportunity at the Candy Cane Brownie Built Bar or grabbed some and really liked it, the limited flavor has now returned, and it’s available for purchase in boxes, not only as a freebie. Fans can pick up the Candy Cane Brownie Built Bar from the Built Brands website, and for a limited time, the brand also has 15% off everything.

The Christmas sale discounts the Built Bar down from its usual $14.95 and $37.80 for boxes of six and 18, respectively, to $12.71 and $32.13. The savings are applied automatically, with no coupon code required; just make sure you get in before the sale ends, and if you want the Candy Cane Brownie Built Bar, also get in soon, as mentioned, it is limited.

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