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All-new Re-Fresh Protein Drink from FAST is lean, fruit-flavored and fizzy

fast re-fresh protein drink

Swedish brand FAST is back in the headlines this week with news of an all-new beverage, introducing the FAST Re-Fresh Protein Drink. It is indeed a protein RTD, although it’s not the typical chocolate or vanilla-flavored beverage. Re-Fresh is a fruit-flavored and carbonated on-the-go protein shake, featuring an impressively lean nutrition profile.

FAST’s Re-Fresh Protein Drink packs 12g of protein per 330ml can, which is far from the more common 25g, although the other macros alongside that are quite minimal. On top of the 12g of protein from quality hydrolyzed whey, is a very low 330mg of carbohydrates, all of that sugar, zero fat, and a calorie count of just 56 for either of its two flavors.

Those two flavors of FAST’s Re-Fresh Protein Drink, are as mentioned, both fruit-based tastes with Green Apple and Raspberry-Lemon. You can purchase either of the protein RTD’s two flavors from the brand’s Baltics online store, with no sign of it available anywhere else just yet.

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