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Apollon teams up with FDN for a special edition formula and flavor of Assassin

fitness deal news apollon nutrition assassin

Fitness Deal News recently teased a collaboration supplement with a mystery brand, which has now been revealed, and it is something pre-workout fans won’t want to miss. It is none other than Apollon Nutrition that has partnered with Fitness Deal News for a special edition flavor and formulas of its reputable, hard-hitting, high-stimulant pre-workout Assassin.

The flavor of Apollon Nutrition and Fitness Deal News’ Assassin is Jaffa Orange, although when you get the product in your hands, there is a bit of a surprise. Each tub is going to have a sticker over top of the flavor name saying ‘F#ck Flavor’. It is a dig at performance over flavor, a sacrifice we don’t mind making, especially when you get into the area of high-powered pre-workouts.

As mentioned, there is a slightly different formula in Apollon Nutrition’s Fitness Deal News edition of Assassin, although you may not notice too much when looking at its label. The changes have come from the brand searching out higher purity and better quality forms of ingredients that are said to have an effect on the performance of Assassin, of course, all for the better.

Apollon Nutrition and Fitness Deal News are launching their Jaffa Orange or ‘F#ck Flavor’ Assassin sometime tomorrow, directly through the brand’s online store at It will come with the same 20 full servings per tub, cost the usual Assassin price of $64.95 each, and it is a limited edition launch, with only 500 units of the awesome collaboration produced.