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Protein Cookie Butter brand releases a vegan-friendly protein powder

flex brands vegan protein

Flex Brands is the company behind the popular Protein Cookie Butter Powder, a powder supplement for you to make your very own high-protein nut butter, filling, or topping. The brand does have a more traditional sports supplement, with a very simple but high priced pre-workout, which has just been joined by a plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powder.

The all-new Flex Brands Vegan Protein packs a solid 24g of protein per serving, 20% more than the more typical 20g of plant proteins, from a blend of pea and mung bean protein. That 24g of protein is alongside 3g of carbohydrates, no sugar, only a gram of fat, and 120 calories, with a diverse blend of premium enzymes to support and improve digestion.

Flex Brands’ new Vegan Protein is quite a lean plant-powered protein powder, and it’s not too badly priced compared to its pre-workout, considering it has that high 24g of protein a serve. The brand has the supplement available on its website at $47 for a tub of 27 servings in just the one traditional flavor to start with Slow Churn Vanilla Ice Cream.